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pPrivacy Policy

This is Kayleighs lashes and Brows Privacy Policy.

This explains how your data is used and stored and why it is obtained.

If you have any further questions i can be contacted at the salon address above or at

What Data will i collect?

I will collect your full name, Phone number, address, email address, date of birth and a series of basic health questions will be asked and maybe a list of current medication if the health questions lead to further questions.

Why do i need this information?

The above information is needed for basic contacting and text/email appointment reminders and  for 'contractual' purposes meaning i have a legal reason to ask for this and to ensure any treatments you may have are safe to do so and that my insurance is then valid. 

How is this information stored?

Most of the above information is stored on the current booking site FRESHA this is a secure site and your information is not past on by them or myself to third parties.

Record cards will be completed in salon and kept securely in the salon and again not passed on to third parties or accessible by anyone other than myself.

How Long will my information be stored?

I will store client information for 7 years from the date of first booking. After this any client details will automatically be deleted from the booking system FRESHA and any paper record cards will be shredded or burnt.

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